April 15, 2024

All about the welcome bonus in poker

Nowadays, poker bonus deposit 100% has become very popular. There are many sites which offer 100% bonus, and usually, this will be up to 30000. This is applicable for the firstdeposit, and there will be a chance to make three more deposits in given days usually they give 60 days duration. To understand this in most of the sites once the player makes the deposit, he can earn the entire bonus amount through playing, collection the redemption points which will be three times the total bonus amount.

Usually, the bonus gets released in the 150increments, and this will get released to the player’s account as soon as he clears the required redemption points. There will be four months or more time for after he makesevery deposit which isqualified, and through this, he will be able to earn all the given redemption points.

Deposit Bonus- How to get qualified?

Player gets qualified for this Poker bonus deposit 100% when he makes his first, real money deposit. One more thing is this must be done only during the period given or say qualifying period. He should alsouse the respected code provided for getting qualified for the bonus. Along with this, he should also mention the same code in first three deposits and then only he can get qualified for the gift.

In case if he withdraws some amount from the Star Account and he does this during his bonus period, he will fail to make the remaining qualified bonus. But whatever the real bonus he has that will not get affected by this. Along with this, one more thing which he should remember is each installment which is related to the gift will get expires after the time give that is usually 120 days. He should always check when the present gets expires and use it properly.

Where to check for bonus

There will be some place given to the player where he should check for his gift. He should have the right information on this. After making the deposit, he should go and check in that menu where the bonus gets deposited.

It is understood that there will be enough time for each player to collect his redemption points and to clear the bonus. Usually, it is for four months. So, there will be no extension for this redemption after the time given.

There will be many other offers even after using the first deposit offer. So the player should always check for the suggestions andhave the right information in hand. Also though this is only for one time, other proposals will be available which are open to all the players.