May 21, 2024



Historical Antecedents

Domino has been played as a gambling game over the ages. Starting off as a game of Bones or Tiles, it has graduated to a Card Game. Domino is known as Card Parliament in the U.K. or Fan Tan in the U.S. and is also widely known as Sevens and Spoof. The card ranking is Natural, starting with the Ace and progressing to the King, Queen and Jack to the Singleton. Two to eight players participate in playing clockwise, with a normal 52 card pack or, in some case a 32 card pack. It is derived from “Pai Gow”, which is a Chinese Domino gambling game. The game is started by the random shuffling of all the cards or Domino tiles and distributing seven tiles to each player. The remaining tiles are placed face down at the center of play, which is also called the Pit or the Bone Yard.

This acts as a store from which a player can draw a Domino when the player is unable to play with a Domino in his own hand. The game ends when a player has played all the tiles in his hands ahead of all the other players. He must announce the end with the word “Domino”. A situation sometimes exists where none of the players are able to create a play from his or her hand. This is a ‘Blocked Game’, which also ends the game. Going online has retained all these rules, with some additional principles of behavior and practices by the player as well as the site. Domino 99 has therefore retained all the old values and excitement, with the addition of modern convenience.

Why Players Love This Version

Domino Qiu Qiu is reckoned to be the most popular gambling game in the world. Also known as Lapak Judi, this game has more or less cornered the international market in card gambling online. All transactions are online, not just the play. A player can easily access the game from his smart phone, conduct the play, make all his payments of deposits and bets and collect his winnings, all from the convenience of his phone. In Indonesia, the term “terpercaya” is used to denote the reliability and trustworthiness of the sites conducting this game. Now everywhere, people enjoy this exhilarating game, driven by both finely honed skills and a fair measure of luck.